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You have had 9 wonderful (or not so wonderful) months of carrying life inside you. There is no greater miracle in the universe than this. Once that tiny baby comes out and you are so thankful you did it, you will want to remember that bump for years to come. Every mama to be is a glowing beautiful being who deserves to feel glamorous, confident and fierce. When you choose to get professional photos of this time in your life you are capturing not only your baby bump but your essence as a woman and a mother. A captivating work of art to show your child for years to come how proud and how much you loved them from the very beginning! Some mamas don't want to get in front of the camera, you may feel self conscious, sick, tired, swollen, but when you see these gorgeous photographs of yourself, those feelings will float away!


When life is happening all around you, it is hard to stop and remember the amazing details that make up that little miracle you just brought into the world. You are trying to get used to sleepless nights, new feeding schedules, a ton of dirty diapers, and for some, juggling multiple kiddos now. The first few weeks can be a blur. When you hire a photographer to take precious photos of your new addition, you are investing in a lifetime of memories that you can continue to look upon and cherish forever. Your sweet newborn baby may grow in an instant, but the photos of every tiny toe, nose and squish will be forever documented for you!


Let's just face it... our babies grow way too quick. One day, they are taking their first steps and the next they are on the bus to middle school. Somewhere in between those moments we forget to hit pause and take everything in. We want to remember those cute little curls and those missing baby teeth. My child sessions provide a pause button, even if for a moment. We have fun, we laugh, we play, and we preserve those smiles for you to cherish for years to come.



Started during a time when the world was forced to stand still, I discovered a love of crafting and creating beautiful things. A few friends recommended I start a small shop... and thus The Sweet Shop was born! Thank you for always supporting me and my small businesses. 



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